The ANSAT tool potentially has many uses. More information about the tool can be found in the following publication:

Takashima M., Burmeister E., Ossenberg C. & Henderson A. (2019) Assessment of the clinical performance of nursing students in the workplace: Exploring the role of benchmarking using the Australian Nurses Standards Assessment Tool (ANSAT), Collegian, 26, 502-506.

The ANSAT for RNs has been developed through consultation and psychometric testing. For more information about the original ANSAT and then the revalidation process please refer:

Ossenberg C., Dalton M. & Henderson A. (2016) Validation of the Australian Nursing Standards Assessment Tool: A pilot study, Nurse Education Today, 36, 23-30.

Ossenberg C., Henderson A. & Mitchell M. (2020) Adoption of new practice standards in nursing: Revalidation of a tool to measure performance using the Australian registered nurse standards for practice. Collegian, 27, 352-360

The ANSAT for RNs is currently being used by over half the universities in Australia for assessment of workplace performance of undergraduate nursing students.

Please contact Amanda Henderson via email for more information.