Developing workplace practice of

Registered Nurse Students

Different courses/programmes of study are on offer to prepare nurses for registration. Depending on individual circumstances study may be undergraduate, postgraduate or re-entry. The Tools and Resources, available below, namely, the Scoring Sheet, Behavioral Cues and Assessment Manual are appropriate for use in workplace performance review and assessment across all types of study.

Supervisors are responsible for guiding student practice, assisting the student to determine goals, assessing workplace performance and providing meaningful feedback.

An introduction to the ANSAT

An introduction to the ANSAT .mp4

ANSAT Resource Manual

ANSAT Resource Manual for RNs_2018.pdf

Behavioral Cues

Behavioural Cues_ANSAT_190617.pdf

ANSAT Formative

ANSAT Formative_alternate.pdf

ANSAT Summative

ANSAT Summative_190617.pdf

Students need to take the lead in their learning, determining their goals, seek and respond to feedback and reach their desired outcomes.

Resources to assist with self-directed learning anticipated DECEMBER 2021